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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Political Laryngitis

    Political Laryngitis
         The Fat Lady was on stage with Hillary Clinton Tuesday night, but instead of singing, she only hummed.  Hum?
          Look it, the party is over.  Obama is the nominee. Clinton and company lost.  Everyone expected her to acknowledge that. But instead of a gracious nod to the winner, Ms. Clinton would only note that he ran a good campaign.
         How much effort would it have taken to say instead, "I want Barack Obama to know that he will make a great president and one way or the other, I will be with him in getting to the White House."
         But no.  What she defiantly gave was, "I will make no decisions tonight."
         If she was auditioning for the second spot on the ticket, there was not much in her speech to endear her to him.
         Her stance, from a hardball political standpoint, was the right thing to do.  She wants to have some leverage when she sits down with the winner to negotiate what she's willing to do for the ticket.  As long as she holds off her embrace, the more she can extract from him as the price for the endorsement.
        It is vintage Clinton game playing.
        In strong contrast, Obama during his speech was over the top gracious to his former opponent.  Sure it is easy to be gracious when you win, but he did wax on about her, when she said virtually nothing about him.
        How all this played in the bowels of the Obama camp is up for grabs as they ponder putting her on the ticket.
        Gov. Jennifer Granholm thinks an Obama-Clinton ticket would be great.  Betting money suggests not everyone agrees.
        And on the topic of the governor, just after Tuesday's blog appeared suggesting that Ms. Granholm should sit down with the top two legislative leaders, that's exactly what happened.
        GOP leader Mike Bishop was pleased but notes its been two and half months since he met with her.  And there were similar comments from Democratic Speaker Andy Dillon who's been frustrated over the lack of face time with the governor, too.
        Well when the gov's folks got wind of that criticism, the word went out that she's been diligent in reaching out to the two gentlemen but the overture has not always been returned.
        Sounds like a classic "he said, she said" disagreement.  Either way most in town would agree that it's good that they are meeting.


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