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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Bush? Why Now?

Why Bush?  Why Now?
     Go figure.  President Bush's popularity is lower than an earthworm's belly and yet the state Republican Party wants him in town.
     What gives?
     Despite his bumpy war in Iraq, despite four bucks a gallon gas, and despite a housing industry in the tank, George W. Bush has not lost his ability to put his hands on wallets all over the country.  The event in Livonia this week was $1,000 a pop, and as long as he has that staying power, he'll be a draw.
    As for any political fallout that might hurt John McCain, the state party says not to worry.  "The democrats are going to hang Bush around McCain anyway," a state GOP insider confesses.  So what's the diff if he does a fundraiser?
    To be sure the party will not trot out the president to do any campaign rallies in Hart Plaza or any town hall meetings in the tri-county region.  That would be counterproductive.  But you will continue to see him glad-handing the party faithful and posing for pictures, at $5,000 a pop, between now and November.
    There is one school that suggests the Bush visit was designed to counteract the recent campaign appearances of Barack Obama in Michigan.
    Good theory, but wrong theory.
    As this same insider admits, "The White House doesn't move fast enough for that."
    Funny thing. Isn't that the same thing you could say about their domestic and foreign endeavors as well? 


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