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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get It Where You Can

   Get It Where You Can
        Will this help to elect him governor?
        Probably not, but why not do it anyway.
        In the coming days, you'll hear a lot about Michigan's minimum wage going up on July 1st and one of the guys you'll be hearing from is the lt. governor.
        You're going…yeah, the lt. governor…the lt. governor?  Just who IS the lt. governor?
         Which is exactly why John Cherry, who wants to run for Jennifer Granholm's job, did two little public service announcements on the pay increase that will run on radio stations all over the state.  They were produced at taxpayer expense.
          All the power brokers in this town know Cherry.  He's served in the house and senate and has been one of the few reliable sources that the current governor can lean on to get her agenda through a sometimes recalcitrant legislature.
          But beyond Lansing, Cherry is much like a former unknown politician running for governor years ago.  Nobody knew who the Senate Majority leader was either, but by the time he got through with the sitting governor Jim Blanchard, everyone knew Gov. John Engler.
          In other words you can overcome a lack of name identification and the  PSA's on the minimum wage are aimed at doing just that.
          Cherry proudly announces the new minimum wage which will have widespread appeal to part of his democratic power base. They will be happy to get the raise and maybe they'll remember John Cherry when they cash their first check.  At least that's what he's hoping.
          The "freebie" is just one of the benefits of being in office and Cherry concedes the point.  "When you're engaged in politics you get opportunities."
           And if you're smart you take them, and Cherry just did.


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