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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Experience Card

The Experience Card
        If you blinked your eyes on Wednesday, you missed the POTUS.
        The President of the United States landed about 4:10 pm and it was wheels up on Airforce One about three hours later.  In-between he raised a nifty $700,000 for the Michigan GOP and got in a few plugs for John McCain.
        But one of the plugs went in the wrong socket.
        President Bush told the 300 or so party faithful that John McCain has the experience to run the country.
        "In trying times we need a president who has been tested…we need a Commander in Chief who understands we need to defeat the enemy overseas so we don't have to fight him here…"
        Playing the experience card was a waste of time.
        Hillary Clinton tried that against Barack Obama and you see where it got her.
        "I have 35 years experience," she lectured voters.  "I'm ready to be Commander in Chief on day one."
         Yep, she had the experience but he got the nomination.
         Put more bluntly, experience in this presidential race does not mean squat.
         Democrats and independent voters had a chance to vote for experience in the battle between Clinton and Obama but they chose change instead.
         So where does that leave McCain?
         That's a question he and his troops should figure out before what happened to the Hill, happens to him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama does not want to drill for more oil, he is against additional refining capacity, he does not encourage development of nuclear energy, he wants to dismantle parts of our military and cut defense funding, he wants to let 12 million illegal immigrants get health care, he wants to raise taxes, who am I voting for........JOHN MCCAIN....go to find out more about Obama

June 29, 2008 at 12:07 AM 
Anonymous John Bernia said...


I agree (and did when I saw the comment on television this morning) that Senator Obama clearly beat Senator Clinton's "red phone" campaign rhetoric of having more experience. Yet, her 35 years she spoke about are a lot different than Senator McCain's. When Senator McCain speaks about experience, he's talking about the military. Hillary Clinton on the other hand was talking about fighting for the same ideals that Senator Obama was talking about. With their clear differences on the economy, and the new interest in the supreme court, McCain's military experience may become a needed attribute when the campaign hits Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Florida, states Obama cannot win without.

Thanks for the time,

June 29, 2008 at 4:09 PM 

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