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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just A Tad Early

     Maybe he is hoping Detroit voters will think he is THE Coleman Young?
     Coleman Young, Jr., in what can best be described as a premature act, has tossed his hat into the crowded ring of mayorial wanna-bes in Motown.
     Perhaps the freshman member of the Michigan House has done his own political calculus and concluded that with a name such as his on the ballot, he's bound to pick up some votes.  Heck, with 35 plus names on the ballot, why not take the chance.
      And a chance it most certainly is.
      Young may be his daddy's son, but he's not a carbon copy of the old man just yet.
       The fact is the junior Young is a relative political neophyte with a resume that is thin at best and reveals that he attended Wayne State and served as a Detroit City Council research and development intern.
       In stark comparison, when THE real Coleman Young was elected, he had already fought in the war, fought former Senator Joseph McCarthy during his red baiting years in the U.S. Congress, and fought his way through the union movement to the top of the political food chain where he resided for years.
      Like father like son, at this read, does not apply.  Maybe someday, with more time in grade, the son can rise to that level, but getting in the race right now makes him look a little immature and premature at the same time.
      If Father Young were still alive, he'd be cussin' his son to fetch his hat out of the ring or spend the rest of the campaign in his room.


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