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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stop The Polls We Want To Get Off

             Enough already with all this polling crap.  Let's focus on the issues instead.
           Well there's a totally useless battle cry aimed at introducing common sense into the race for the White House.
           The media cabal will never, repeat, never drop the polling stories.  Even though it is basically a waste of time, it sells papers.  Nuf said.
            Plus, everybody loves "horse race" stories especially lazy reporters.  They take no effort to write; no effort to explain; and it is certainly more fun than trying to explain the Bush Doctrine to an electorate that could care less.
            Isn't it written somewhere that the media's job is to report on the issues thus providing the aforementioned electorate something of substance to chew on rather than the cotton candy poll stuff?
            Oh yeah, it is written but now conveniently and mostly ignored. In this dumbed down coverage of the campaign, the lipstick on a pig story, which dominated the news cycle for three whole day, gets more play while the candidate's positions on more heady stuff, gets stuffed on the obit page, if it ends up in the paper at all.
             But relief is in sight.  Thank goodness for the debates.
             Voters will have an unfiltered opportunity to see something longer than a ten second sound bite.  They will have a chance to evaluate the candidates without some loud mouth cable news channel jerk telling them what the candidate said.
             But be prepared, there will be a poll out that night to tell you who won…as if you won't be able to figure that out on your own.


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