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Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Energy

        Whether you like Jennifer Granholm or not, and the polls suggest not is ahead, you can never criticize her for a lack of energy. She's up before the birdies and she's hitting the sack still sending out cryptic emails to whoever is awake at that ungodly hour.
        But she heads off the Japan this week with no energy.  Or better put, no energy package.  Ironically the governor will pitch firms in the land of the rising sun, urging them to relocate in Michigan because we are the land of the rising alternative energy biz.
       How embarrassed she will be when one of the new energy guys asked her about Michigan's leadership in this realm.  She'll have to tell the truth and sugar coated it the best she can:  Well, you see it is like this.  I introduced an energy plan last January and well, ah, the state legislature is working hard, but well, ah, has not, (and now she uses her Granholm whisper) they have not passed it yet.
       Recall that the governor wanted this in place last March 31st, the first deadline that was missed.  There were others.
       Lawmakers can't agree on whether we need 10% of our energy from alternative sources or something higher.  At one point the Granholm administration argued 10% was not negotiable cause it was too low.  Now with time running out and other states boasting that they have a plan while Michigan monkeys around, she'll take ten.
       Maybe while she is gone, lawmakers may find a solution in time to land some jobs.
       At least that is the optimism she takes with her which is second only to the energy she takes with her as well.


Blogger Ari Adler said...

Seems ironic that the Dems put Granholm on display at the DNC to host a discussion on energy, doesn't it?

September 15, 2008 at 4:03 AM 

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