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Monday, September 1, 2008

Rookie Mistake Or Not?

    If the Mayor of Detroit has resigned by the time you get around to reading this, you can just use this blog to wrap up the dead fish you caught up North over the weekend.
    Can ya wrap a fish in a blog?
    Regardless, when the story broke last week that governor Granholm wanted Kwame Kilpatrick to resign regardless of the evidence in his felony case, tongues were wagging.
    If that indeed was true, why would this savvy attorney/governor utter such a seemingly prejudicial thing if she wanted to project an image of impartiality?
    As a result of that utterance, the mayor's defenders have asked a judge to not only scrub the governor's slated removal hearing but also declare her ineligible to render a fair verdict in the case.  The gov's legal eagles dismiss the allegation as "laughable."  
    Nonetheless, the observers wonder how could such a smart person make such a rookie mistake?
     Here's the likely explanation: On May 27th when the meeting took place with the mayor's lawyers, the governor had not yet assumed her self-described quasi-judicial role.  In fact, sitting as judge and jury over the embattled mayor was not even on the governor's agenda.  She wanted nothing to do with it and even though the Detroit City Council had asked her to remove his honor, she was going to move with all the deliberate speed of a receding glacier.
    Way back then she merely wanted this flap put to rest.  It was not until much later in the summer that the governor changed her tune after the alleged shoving incident on the Mayor's sister's porch.
   It was after that incident that Granholm accelerated the hearing schedule and adopted the quasi-judicial mantle which she still wears today.
   A judge this week will decide if she can wear it into the removal hearing with the mayor's future hanging in the balance.


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