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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

13 Minutes of Fame

        Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame the old saying goes, but at the Democratic National Convention, Gov. Jennifer Granholm got only 13 minutes and 11 seconds.
        In case you missed it and lots of folks did, the governor was front and center at the DNC conclave conducting a hastily produced Obama info-mercial masquerading as a "National Town Hall Meeting" on alternative energy.
        As expected she supplied most of the energy as she played the role of talk show host/cheerleader interviewing four carefully selected pro-Obama supporters.
        With the governor providing the leading questions, the panel members shared memorable insights such as, "gas prices are going up" and "It's unacceptable" that we don't have an energy policy.
        O.K. no body thought this would be news making or earth shattering, but what was added to the national debate over energy that we did not already know?
        What's that you say?  That was not the objective?
        One panelist lamented that this country does not have an energy policy because of "failed policies and lack of leadership."  What she failed to tack on was that the bi-partisan guilt crosses administrations dating back to Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush Two.
       The governor does have a career alternative as a TV host as she remembered all of the panelist's names in the introduction, unless there was a hidden teleprompter and when it came time to introduce a man on the street interview, she absolutely nailed the name "Przeslowski."  You try saying that in one take.
       The audience seemed disengaged however.  When one panel member berated the "excessive profits" at Exxon Mobil and noted that John McCain would give big oil more tax breaks, no one hooted, hollered, or showed any emotion.
        And finally the governor reflected that John McCain came into Michigan and told autoworkers their jobs were not coming back.  She forgot to add, she has said the very same thing.  But then in 13 minutes and 11 seconds you can't stuff all the facts into a town hall meeting.


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