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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take Another Peak

       Rep. Paul Condino is not pointing any guilty fingers, at least not right now, but he believes the Michigan State Police ought to take another whack at determining if they danced the night away at the Mayor of Detroit's home five years ago.
       Maybe you heard about it.  You know the unconfirmed gathering featuring a stripper or strippers, who later showed up in the county morgue?
       Michigan's top crime fighter, Attorney General Mike Cox, declared the story an "urban legend" and closed the investigation.
       Southfield Democrat Condino wonders if there is more to the story?
       "The state police investigation was cut off suddenly.  That's certainly not something they do on a regular basis," the criminal attorney of 25 years observes.
         The state cops told Condino there were lots of folks who wanted to divulge what they knew but because Cox sat on subpoenas, they never sang.
          Reopening the probe could result in more revealing warbling?
         Condino and Detroit Rep. Steve Tobocman will huddle this week and decide whether to send the letter to the governor asking her to order the MSP to take another peak.
         Asked about that, Jennifer Granholm magically turned into Gov. No Comment.
         Just what=2 0she needs, another Kilpatrick flap to digest.


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