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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


      In 38 years of covering this stuff, this one takes the cake.
      Sparrow Hospital in Lansing has confirmed that an undisclosed number of employees were caught rifling through the governor's personal hospital records.
      Talk about your invasion of privacy.
       Gov. Jennifer Granholm's office confirms it was notified on Wednesday by hospital officials that an internal investigation had uncovered the violation of hospital policy resulting in the subsequent dismissal of hospital workers.
        Of course the question that may never get answered is, why?
        If you are the suspicious type you might wonder if there was any political espionage angle  or was it just prurient interest on the part of some nosey and apparently unethical workers.
        The governor's office, in the understatement of the year, says it was "surprised" and called the breach of her personal hospital records "unnecessary and unfortunate."
        Recall the governor was in Sparrow last May for an emergency bowel obstruction operation which may have saved her life.
        The governor was so sensitive about the operation that she personally tried to convince her doctor to use another term other than bowel obstruction.  If she was upset with that, imagine what she must be thinking now. 


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