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Monday, July 28, 2008

Political Identify Fraud

Political Identity Fraud
       Guilt by association.
       It is everywhere in the political game.
       When Jennifer Granholm ran against Dick DeVos she successfully linked him to President George Bush.
       In case you missed it, the democrats are feverishly trying to do the same to John McCain.
       How many times have you seen the picture of Mr. Bush and McCain warmly hugging?  If you missed it, hang around, it will be out there again, and again.
        Ah, but the other side can play the game too.  In a case of "turn about is fair play,"  the state GOP party chair has observed, "If you love what Jennifer Granholm has done to Michigan, you'll love what Barack Obama will do for the country."
       When all else fails on the campaign trail, both parties are guilty of linking the person they want to beat with someone you can't stand.
       The strategy has gone so far as to show a picture of the target and then slowly morph that picture into the image of the other person leaving the clear impression that they are one in the same.
       Of all the candidates out there right now, it appears that John McCain is most vulnerable to the guilt by association gambit.  After all he has supported some of the president's ill-fated policies but certainly not all of them, but the democrats don't tell you where Mr. McCain has spilt from the prez.
      McCain is sure doing that but he has a ways to go.
      As far as linking the policies of Obama to those of Michigan's governor---let's be charitable here: it's a s-t-r-e-t-c-h and party chair Saul Anuzis knows it, but he'll continue to play the card anyway.
     He's prevented, however, from doing the morph thing for obvious reasons.  He's not a she.


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