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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wisdom According To Sam

Wisdom According to Sam
  Anybody who has followed the rough and tumble world of Detroit politics has heard the name Sam Riddle a noted political consultant who is not bashful. He seems to be everywhere these days with words of wisdom wherever he goes.
  His latest epistle in the world of wisdom surrounds a news release where he boldly suggests that the "spiraling out of control behavior pattern" of a certain Mayor of Detroit and his mom "could cause Barack Obama to lose the state of Michigan" in the contest for the White House.
   To be sure it's not an original thought and although no one from the Michigan Obama camp has actually said that, they surely must be thinking it.
   Riddle in his four paragraph email, also makes note of the comments made by Mom Kilpatrick concerning her opponent's inab ility to carry one of the Congresswoman's personal garment items.  (This is a family blog and the word "bra" is verboten.)
   What Mr. Riddle either forgot or neglected to reveal was that he has a vested interested in fanning the anti-Kilpatrick fires, since he represents one of Mom Kilpatrick's opponents, former state Rep. Mary Waters.
   Riddle also ventures out on a ledge saying he believes that GOP candidate John McCain is moving up in the polls because of the "unacceptable behavior of the Kilpatrick's."
   Just out of fairness, he did not sight any polling data to buttress his personal belief. That's probably because none exists.  But then in Detroit politics, when did the facts or self-disclosure ever count for anything?


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