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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family Feud

  Family Feud
      That snickering you hear over at the Michigan John McCain camp is over the family feud unfolding in the Michigan Democratic Party.
      At a time when the D's should be totally unified, they are not and even the rosy-eyed governor has to concede the point.
     "Will you concede that some democratic legislators are upset with the party chair?"
      The usually talkative governor gives a one-word response, "Yes."
      Those democratic legislators are upset with Mark Brewer because he blindsided them when he promoted a petition drive t hat would slice legislative salaries and bounce some of them out of a job.  He did not give them a heads up in advance.
      Senator Tupac Hunter (D-Detroit) is displeased, and he has notified the national Barack Obama campaign that there is some fussin' and feudin' unfolding in the state party.
      "I'm very unhappy about that.  Absolutely," he tells TV2 in Detroit.  "This isn't something we should be dealing with…It appears as if certain members of the Democratic Party have taken their eye off the ball."
       More snickering at McCain headquarters.  Big John is locked in a nose-to-nose battle with Obama and having this distraction right now is a plus for him.
       "I don't know that it will help John McCain," the governor we ighs in on the political implications of all this.
        Hunter is more upbeat. He says the spat will not cost Obama the election in Michigan, but already it has had an impact.
        According to the Detroit News, the Michigan democratic congressional folks were set to host a fundraiser for the party, but scrubbed it because they are upset with Mr. Brewer.
        "It is important to unify," family feud host Granholm states the obvious.


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