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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jobs Roller Coaster

  Jobs Roller Coaster
     She was up, down, and all around the jobs issue that Gov. Jennifer Granholm and all in the space of about four hours.
     First and with a big smile she announced a new world headquarters coming to the I-94 and I-96 corridor near Metro Airport.  Dow Chemical is joint venturing with a Kuwait petro firm to create 800 jobs each paying close to 100 thou a year.
     Michigan was victorious over Louisiana and Texas..a nice feather in the gov's job diversity hat.
     But at the same event she had to comment on the huge job loses thanks to more "right sizing" at General Motors which took some of the edge off the Dow deal.  Right sizi ng is a nice way of saying layoffs.
     After that she hustled across the street to a meeting of the MEGA board which doles out tax credits to create jobs and again it was back to the smiles.  14 projects creating about 6,900 jobs she impressive number.
     But in the next breath she had to explain why Volkswagen of America had stiffed Michigan and will build a new plant down in Dixie.
     "We're not surprised," the governor conceded.  She says Tennessee had a sight ready to go and Michigan and Alabama did not.  Asked about the so-called "union" issue in Michigan and whether that tipped the scales to Chattanooga, the governor did not want to speculate but she did reveal, "They had a lot of questions about that."
      The always upbeat governor concedes the news cycle will focus on the GM and20VW stories since no headline writer can keep his or her job by putting job creations ahead of jobs losses.
       But alas she is used to that and the bouncy ride on the  jobs roller coaster  At least this week she got to the summit twice, if only for a moment before the fall.


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