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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

 What's Going On?
    As Motown crooner Marvin Gaye use to ask, "What's going on?"
    The board of directors of the embryonic stem cell research campaign was fixin' to meet on Tuesday to remove campaign chair Larry Owen.
    The board met all right, but according to Owen his job his safe.
    "We had a good meeting today.  We have a unified board and we're going to move on to a successful campaign."
     Was there any discussion about your tenure? he was asked.
     "Ah, no. There was not."
     So that was that.
     Not quite.
     Going into the session a source revealed there were enough votes to remove Owen, but instead of a vote, the board reportedly decided to try to skin the cat another way.
     Rather than produce counter-productive headlines by voting Owen out, another strategy may be applied to save face and get the job done through another means.
     Owen who has dismissed all this as mere "rumor" reports he is on the job and trying to piece together a fund raising campaign to sell the controversial embryonic stem cell issue.
     He concedes that all the chatter about the boar d being unhappy would be a distraction but "we're not having that discussion."
    But others may be having it behind his back.


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