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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reading Her Mind

     Reading a politician's mind is a dicey assignment but sometimes, if you read between the lines, you can take a pretty good stab on what that pol was thinking when he or she did this or that.
     Such is the case with the recent six paragraph letter that came out of nowhere this week as the governor declared in was now in the "public interest to accelerate" her quasi-judicial review of Mayor Kilpatrick's behavior.
     Prior to the release of this correspondence, it appeared that the governor was moving methodically on the request from the Detroit City Council to remove the Detroit mayor from office.  
      The signals were pretty clear that the governor was not anxious to step into the middle of this unfolding saga which seems to grow worse by the day.
       And here's where the mind reading comes in.  Last week the mayor was involved in that alleged shoving match with two police officers.  You could make a case that that was the last straw for Gov. Jennifer Granholm.
       She has now moved up by one week a schedule for all parties to file motions and briefs with her office by August 22 on the removal question.   Then, if she concludes there is enough evidence to hold a hearing, she will do so on September 3rd, right in the middle of the national GOP convention.
      This does not mean she will decide to bounce the mayor, but if you're in the Kilpatrick camp, the fact that she is moving in the "public interest" to speed up the process, is not exactly what pro-mayor forces want to hear from the state house.
      Maybe the governor has had it up to here with all this? 


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