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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friends of John

      Friends of John
        Lt. Governor John Cherry has not announced he is running for governor, but just in case he does, he's already staged three meetings with key supporters who would be part of a would-be Cherry for Governor campaign in 2010.
        The list of attendees reads like a who's who in democratic politics including some current Granholm devotees such as Kelly Keenan, the governor's long time legal advisor, kitchen cabinet and debate advisor Mark Fox a Lansing attorney, and former Chief of Staff Rick Wiener.
        Also attending the three sessions to date were former House Speaker Curtis Hertel who volunteered his home on Round Lake for the strategy sessions.  His son and local Ingham County Commissioner Curtis, Jr. also showed up.
   =C 2    Others included Lansing businessman Joel Ferguson, former house democratic floor leader and current Liquor Control Commissioner Pat Gagliardi (sp), current State Senator Gilda Jacobs, former UAW official Pat McCarty, Nat Yonkers of Genesee County, multi-client lobbyist Patrick Lauhglin, long time Cherry aides Linda Rossi and Annette Rogers.
         Rounding out the list Ypsilanti County Commissioner Ronny Peterson and Cherry's wife, Pam Faris.
         What looks like a steering committee is not according to several sources who don't like that term.
         One of the touchy issues kicked around is the so-called Granholm problem.  As the theory goes, if the state economy is still on life support, how does Cherry run on her economic recovery program when it has not born much fruit?  The alternative is for the potential candidate to distance himself from the incumbent.
         Not an easy task.  Ask Al Gore.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The issues is you don't distances yourself from a person who has goverened well. The economy belongs to George Bush and everyone knows that. Al Gore's problem was he did distance himself from the times of peace and prosperity. And he still won !
Just ask the Supreme Court. I hope John Cherry does run. He is what Michigan needs.

August 1, 2008 at 5:42 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not necessary to run from a successful administration. Everyone knows the economy belongs to W. That was Al Gores mistake he should have embraced peace and prosperity. But in the end the supreme court made that decision.
John Cherry is what Michigan needs.
Good for him.

August 2, 2008 at 5:32 AM 

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