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Monday, August 18, 2008

Lose Your Job-Get An Honor

        The Granholm administration has always struggled with telling the whole truth regarding why certain members of the administration were shown the door.
        But the governor usually telegraphed the move by labeling the soon to be departed employee "a valuable member of the cabinet."
        Former Michigan Department of Transportation director Gloria Jeff did not hang around long enough to get tagged with that, but when she left town well over a year ago, let's just say the governor did not throw a going away party nor did she present Jeff with an orange memorial barrel.
       The ex-MDOT director had lots of enemies in the legislature and elsewhere but the last straw for the governor was when Jeff did a little free-lancing behind the gove rnor's back regarding taxpayer expenditures at the Mackinac Bridge Authority.
      Two weeks after Jeff went on her mission, the governor discovered, via the media, the mess Jeff was creating and had to do some one on one diplomacy to calm the troubled waters under the Big Mac.  Soon thereafter Jeff was gone with no reasons given.
      Well apparently you can hack off the governor and still get a pat on the head because when they dedicate on Friday the new Detroit Mexicantown International Welcome Center underneath the Ambassador Bridge, you guessed it, "the center will be dedicated in honor of the former MDOT director Gloria Jeff."
      The governor will find something else to do on Friday.
      Surprise.  Surprise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why if she left under contraversy, is she getting an Honor? Typical Democrats

August 21, 2008 at 5:37 PM 

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