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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Not Crap Now

 It's Not "Crap" Now
     Last May before the Kwame Kilpatrick stuff came to a head, a panel of reporters at the Detroit Regional confab on the island were speculating about the mayor becoming a political liability for Barack Obama.
    The mayor got wind of the comments and told one of the correspondents it was "crap."
     Tell that to the Obama campaign which is internally weighing the possibility of the candidate asking Kilpatrick to step down.  Mind you no such decision has been made, but even the fact that they would consider it, should underscore how critical this Kilpatrick mess is for democrats.
     "Wow.  It's hard to find the words to re spond to that," notes Novi Republican Rep. Craig DeRoche who concedes the mayor is a liability for Obama but adds; it's fair to link the two and judge Obama "by the company he keeps."
      Governor Jennifer Granholm doesn't think it's fair at all, and in fact she thinks it is wrong.
      As for linking Obama and Kilpatrick in a possible TV ad this fall, Granholm concedes, "I fear they will do that.  It's been their practice in the past."  She optimistically believes the voters will see through such linkage, which she labels "incredibly cynical and wrong."
      DeRoche counters "it speaks volumes" that Obama would call Kilpatrick his friend and now when the mayor's story is reaching critical mass, for Obama to consider calling for a resignation amounts to "groping right now and pandering."
     =2 0DeRoche says if Obama "throws another one of his personal friends under the bus" it will have no credibility with the voters.
      Granholm says the mayor's problems has nothing to do with presidential politics.
       Apparently the folks in the Obama campaign have concluded otherwise.


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