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Monday, August 11, 2008

Cox: One For Two

  Cox:  One For Two on Kwame
      The state attorney general is batting .500 on his handling of the Kwame Kilpatrick mess.
      From the curb it looks like A.G. Mike Cox got it right by going back into court alleging that the Mayor of Detroit violated the terms of his bail by being in the same place at the same time with two witnesses in the alleged shoving match several weeks ago.
      Cox believes the bail judge was very clear in that the mayor was not to meet with his sister and a member of his Executive Protection Unit.  Reporters claim to have seen Kilpatrick in his mom's house over the weekend and sister Ayanna was seen coming and going at the same time.
  C2  "The order's clear," pronounced Cox mouthpiece Rusty Hills. "There's not supposed to be contact.  There was contact."  He did not suggest the EPU guy was there, however.
       The mayor's folks tell the Free Press, the A.G., who may be running for governor, may be engaged a bit of political grandstanding and has it all wrong.
       Looks like, on this one, Mr. Cox is just doing his job and the courts will decide if he or the mayor is correct.
       However, Mr. Cox still takes heat for his handling of the other part of the Kwame story i.e. the alleged little party at the Mayor's mansion.  The party that never was, according to Cox, which lots of folks believe really was, continues to dog him.
       He declared the whole shebang "urban legion" but his finding was predicated on a one on one interview he staged with Kilpatrick and no record of that has ever been disclosed.
       Legal eagles continue to scratch their collective heads on why Mr. Cox would conduct such a critical interview in such a clandestine manner.
       Cox defends it, but lots of folks aren't buying it which leaves him one for two on matters of Kwame and who knows what will follow to either boost or lower his batting average?


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