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Friday, August 8, 2008

Bad Week For Kilpatrick's

   Bad Week For Kilpatrick's
       Son in jail.  Mom loses 61% of the vote. Dad remains under the watchful eye of federal prosecutors.  It's not what you would call a great week for the Kilpatrick family.
       You gotta wonder what else could happen?
        Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick declared victory last Tuesday night but it was hallow with a capitol "H." She got 39% of the vote but because two of her opponents divided the rest, she amazingly hung onto her seat.  Take Mary Waters or Martha Scott out of the contest and Ms. Kilpatrick is looking for work.
       We'l l never know if the voters who are upset with Kwame Kilpatrick, took it out on the mom to send a message, but popular wisdom tends to support there was some of that going on…big time.
       Then there is the son who found himself unceremoniously sent to a jail cell Thursday for breaking the rules of his bond.  No more needs to be said on that shameful story.
       And let's not forget that the feds are reviewing the behavior of Dad Kilpatrick and who knows where that will lead.
       Meanwhile the governor has decided she will wade into this mess over the mayor and hold a hearing September 3rd on whether to remove His Honor from office.  They should sell tickets to that to help reduce the state's deficit.
       So where is the silver lining in all this?
       If you can find one, please send it along.


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