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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

She Made No Deals

  She Made No Deals
      When you've survived the rough and tumble world of Wayne County politics for 35 years, you've pretty much seen it all, but what State Senator Martha Scott saw on primary day , is not what she wanted to see.
      In rather an amazing outcome, the winner of the Detroit Congressional contest, got less than 50% of the vote.  In fact the incumbent mom of the mayor of Detroit got a lousy 39%. Senator Scott and former Rep. Mary Waters gobbled up the other 61%.
     Now that the dust has settled, speculation continues to rumble that somehow Scott was lured into the race in a clandestine plot to assure a victory for Kilpatrick.  The theory being that if there was only one challenger, Kilpatrick would surely lose which is why she needed Scott in the hunt.
     "Let me tell ya'll something," the feisty Scott rose to the question.  "I have never ever compromised by integrity for anyone and never will.  That's who I am."
        When pressed with, "So nobody came to you to offer you a deal to get in?"  She fired back, "No one offered me a deal.  My constituents did ask me to run."
      You gotta believe Scott because the animus between the Kilpatrick's and the senator runs long, deep, and nasty.  Sort of the Wayne County version of the Hatfield's and McCoy's.
      Scott does reveal that she had a brief and chance encounter with Ms. Waters and the two tried to convince the other to get out.
      Waters offered to give Scott a job if she did not run.  Scott told her she had a job and than made the same offer to Waters.
      They agreed to disagree and Kilpatrick won.
      On the notion that Scott handed the Kilpatrick's the victory she was told, "You would concede, had you not been in the race, Kilpatrick would have lost."
      Always the gamer Scott shot back, "If Mary hadn't been in the race, she would have lost.  O.K.?"
      Got it.


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