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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dillon Vs. DeRoche on Kwame

 The Detroit Mayor has not only complicated his own life, now he is impacting what Democrats are trying to do in the Michigan House and dealing with Kilpatrick is not one of them.
 However House GOP Leader Craig DeRoche sees a political opening and, as he is want to do, he's walking in.
 The Novi Republican wants the House to vote next week on four items that would send Kwame Kilpatrick a strong message: Leave.
 House Speaker Andy Dillon doesn't think much of the DeRoche request saying, "He's playing politics with a very serious issue in this state (and) the legislature has no role."
 On the contrary, fires back DeRoche. He notes that Southeastern Michigan is losing an "extraordinary" amount of money over the mayor's follies and "to say we're playing politics because we want to fix it, defies logic and I take personal offense to that."
 The Republican believes House Democrats want to skirt the issue because they are "worried about losing votes of Detroiters" this fall.
 What Dillon is worried about is making an ugly situation even uglier. Asked about allowing a vote on the DeRoche stuff, Dillon asks, "What's the productivity out of that? I think the states got tough enough times. I don't think we need to be throwing rocks at each other."
 That guy over in the corner with a rock in his hand, looks an awful lot like Mr. DeRoche.


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