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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Word Association Game

     It's called the word association game.  You hear a name and you supply one word that goes with the name.
    If someone said, Tigers.  You'd say gawd awful.  Sorry that was two words, but you get the idea.
    The game was recently played on the rubber chicken circuit where the audience of 100 and highly sophisticated citizens were asked to select a word to describe a guy named Obama and another named McCain.
    You can play along right now by not reading beyond this sentence until you have a word for both.
     (Insert music from Jeopardy here.)
     This should come as no shock to anyone.  30% of the audience members picked the word "old" to describe you know who. In strong contrast, 10% selected "young" to describe the other guy.
     The most common reaction to Barack Obama was "inexperienced" with 12 persons using that while nine used "experience' to describe McCain.
     Going into the dinner, one assumed that with the Democrats trying to link McCain to President Bush, that relationship would show up in huge numbers.  Nope.  Only five linked the two.
     Likewise, every other word out of Barack Obama's mouth is change but apparently only four folks in this group had heard it enough to repeat it.
     No other words, save one, emerged as=2 0any kind of an indicator of note.  Obama was called cute, charming, crooked, shallow and charismatic by one person each.  While McCain was tagged with being stagnant, tired, angry, stubborn and honest.
     The real kicker, however, was this one. Seven persons for Obama and one for McCain called them "scary."
      What the heck is that all about?


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