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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Attitude Problem

     Congress has a severe attitude problem when it comes to the domestic auto industry and a Macomb County congresswoman blames "extreme environmentalists" for creating it.
      Rep. Candice Miler minces no words contending the Democratic Party is "held hostage" by those extremists and when it comes time for the federal government to help the Big Three, she fears the help won't be there.
     "The Calvary is not coming to town," the GOP lawmaker advises and to make matters worse she believes the anti-car folks in Washington are "gleeful and ecstatic" that Ford, GM, and Chrysler are "on their knees."
      She says those extremists blame the car makers for the climate change challenges this country and the world are facing.
      Miller says it is a "very dishearten ing attitude" she confronts with her colleagues in the U.S. House.
      She notes that the Japanese government infuses about $1.5 billion into research and development for its car makers while Washington tells the Big Three, "Go handle it yourself."
      The conservative congresswoman argues, "its appropriate for the federal government to help a bit."
      In recent days there's been talk of a new energy package that would include some loan assistance  for the autos and even though democrat Barack Obama has endorsed that and John McCain has not, Miller contends her guy would do more for the industry than Obama.
      During an interview on the broadcast Eye on Michigan Politics on WWJ Newsradio 950, Miller was also asked about the seven mansions reportedly owned by Mr. McCain.
      Mi ller, from a very blue-collar and shot and a beer district, laughed it off saying, "He married very well" referring to Cindy McCain whose daddy owned a lucrative beer distribution company which she now runs.


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