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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lightening Rod

   Pull out your handy dandy thesaurus and look up the phrase lightening rod.  Right after the word you'll find the name Adolph Mongo.
   Mr. Mongo has forged a career as a political consultant in the shark infested waters of Detroit and while he's been bitten a few times, he knows how to bite back.  His "tell it like it is" style hacks off somebody every time he opens his mouth.
    During the last race for governor, the Granholm cabol was mighty upset with Mongo for cuddling up to Dick DeVos the GOP challenger.  Mongo went on statewide public TV to announce that he was "pi__ed off" at the governor and the democrats because they never tossed him any consulting work. So there.
    Now comes Mr. Mongo with his take on the race for president, the mess Kwame Kilpatrick is in, and he's flirting again with supporting DeVos in two years.
    On Obama, Mongo says he won't win Michigan.
    "A lot of people still have a problem voting for an African American candidate," Mongo concludes on the eve of Barack Obama and Joe Biden invading the state including a stopover in Motown for the Labor Day parade.
     Mongo predicts if Obama doesn't convince 60% of the Detroit voters to show up on Election Day, he can't win.  And he notes that kind of turnout has not happened in 25 years.
     As for His Honor, "The Mayor has met his Waterloo.  At this point he is surrounded by his enemies.  How many fights can he fight?'
    Mongo says Kilpatrick surrounded himself with a bunch of rookie soliders and promoted them to general when he took office.  "He hasn't had the kind of experienced people around that would have kept a lot of this stuff from happening."
     Mongo, the former democrat who now works both sides of the aisle, complains that State Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer is the "biggest hypocrite" and if DeVos runs again for governor, Mongo says he might vote for him.
    You can watch Mr. Lightening Rod on this week's edition of Off the Record which is up on the web site starting at noon on Friday.  Bring your asbestos suit if you have nothing better to do.


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