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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Granholm To Play Palin

            The democrats are rushing in oxygen masks for Barack Obama and Joe Biden because since Sarah Palin  arrived on the scene she has sucked all the air out of the campaign for herself.  You know how selfish all those folks in Alaska can be.
             And with her dominating the news agenda, all of a sudden her sit down V.P. debate on October 2 with Mr. Biden has taken on even greater relevance, as democrats are worried about how Biden will do.
             Riding in on her white horse is  Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm who has volunteered to play Palin as Biden does his debate prep.  Biden told the Chicago Sun Times this week "we'll see" if he takes Granholm up on her offer.
             He should and after his newspaper comments, he decided he would and will take four days of rehearsal to do it.
             Granholm can play the role of attack dog even though it does not appear to be part of her DNA.  Baloney.  Ask Jim Blanchard and David Bonior.
              Six years ago in Marquette, Granholm and the two guys met for a contentious primary debate on Michigan Public TV. The circumstances were amazingly similar to what Palin faces today.
              Back then the pundits wondered if Granholm was ready for prime time.  The popular wisdom going was the two men would push her around.  Oh they pushed all right, but she pushed back.
              And to make matters worse, Blanchard and Bonior were blamed for attacking a woman.  Oh my.  They did not anticipate that and Granholm emerged from the TV studio with a new "can do" image which changed the direction of the campaign.
              Palin, to some, is a lightweight with a resume as thin as the Lion's front line but Biden would be advised not to take the pit bull hockey mom with lipstick for granted.
              He exuded confidence the other night reassuring everyone that he knows how to handle this debate.  After all it's not like he didn't debate a woman this past year.
              What was her name?  Hillary something or other?


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