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Monday, September 8, 2008

Up Close and Personal

    There are not many folks who can say this:  I ran against Barack Obama.  To the list that includes a Clinton, a Dodd, an Edwards and a Biden, you can add the Oakland County name of Nancy Skinner.
     When Skinner lived in Illinois, she ran for the U.S. Senate but did not even come close to defeating a new guy named Barack Obama but in the process she got close to him and shares some insights on the man and the candidate for president.
     During one debate among the seven candidates, Obama was asked why he opposed the war in Iraq?  As Skinner sat there she knew she was the only other candidate to have the same position and much to her shock, Obama gave her credit for that in his answer.
     "He didn't have to do that," she reflects on the Off the Record broadcast this past weekend.
      So was he different back then?
      Oh yeah, she recalls.  He was more substance than style.  In other words he did not have his charisma mojo going, but she says now and there's been a "flip-flop" on that front as she laughs.
      As a female candidate herself who almost beat Joe Knollenberg for congress two years ago, Skinner offers this on John McCain's running mate.
      Sarah Palin supporters are mighty vocal about the alleged double standard and sexist questions about being a mom and V.P.  Skinner says she doesn't see that but she says she did see "Dan Quayle in a skirt" when Palin was first introduced.
      Than after her red meat speech attacking Obama at the GOP convention, Skinner say s Palin is now "Tonya Harding with a microphone." The adorable Ms. Harding was the skater who whacked an opponent after a match years ago.
      Skinner is now an official Obama surrogate on the stump and reveals one more tidbit:  "He never called me sweetie."
      You can view the entire Skinner performance by going to and look for the Off the Record icon.


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