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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Judge Jenny

Judge Jenny
      Move over Judge Judy.  You've got company.
      Barring an 11th hour stay of the proceedings by one of the state's appellate courts, Gov. Jennifer Granholm will remove her title as governor and step into the historic role as judge and jury concerning the future of the Mayor of Detroit.
       A Wayne County Circuit court judge cleared the way for the televised session  to begin at 9 a.m. on Wednesday after the mayor's lawyers failed to convince the judge that the governor was biased and was acting under a state law that was vague.
       Up until now correspondents could only guess at what the governor has been up to since May 20th when the Detroit City Council asked her to sta ge the hearing and bounce Kwame Kilpatrick.  Turns out she was very busy.
       In an affidavit filed with the court on Tuesday the governor reveals for the first time that she was actively involved in so called ex parte communications with third parties in an attempt to end the Kilpatrick controversy.  She reveals she did that with the verbal permission of the Mayor's team and at the Mayor's request.
       Debunking earlier media reports that she also conferred with the U.S. Attorneys office, Granholm told the court," I have never had a conversation with any third party about the merits of the City Council petition or about the merits of the criminal charges against the Mayor."
       The real intent of the filing however was to buttress her argument that she was not prejudice toward the mayor which his attorneys alleged in court.
        Du ring a private meeting with the Mayor's team the governor contends she explained she had "formed no opinion" on the case. 
        So pull up a chair cause, here comes the judge unless a mayoral resignation makes the hearing moot.


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