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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lost Her Voice

     Is there something wrong with Sarah Palin's voice?
     Every time she gives a speech it seems O.K. but every time some news organization requests an interview with the GOP Vice Presidential candidate, something happens to her voice.
      That something is, her handlers have told her to keep her mouth shut.
       As incredible as it may seem, she has been the V.P. choice for well over a week and has yet to grant a legitimate interview to any legitimate news outfit. 
       Wonder what's going on?
       You might be quick to conclude she is not ready for prime time and her aforementioned handlers are scared to death that s he can't handle herself with a barrage of questions that so far have gone painfully unanswered.
       But that could not possibly be the reason because those same operatives have told us that Ms. Palin has more experience than Barack Obama and Joe Biden combined.  That she is a proven maverick with a buffo resume running a town and a state. And besides "seasoned political veterans" are not afraid of talking to the media even though the questions may be uncomfortable. 
       Even former V.P. candidate Dan Quayle, the son of a newspaper guy, understood that he had to take questions. Despite all those nasty inquiries about his National Guard service, Danny Boy never ducked. 
       Which brings us back to why won't Ms. Palin take questions. With a degree in journalism she understands it is part of the game.
       Perhaps she has to go moos e hunting?  Or read some books at her local library to determine which ones just be tossed out?
       Or maybe she just has to devote more time to her family and can't fit reporters into her tough schedule.
       Let's go with that excuse since no reporter can ask he why she has her voice sometimes, but not at others.


Anonymous frustrated in Alaska said...

I am a resident of the Mat-Su Valley, Alaska, home of Sarah Palin. I have lived here since 1986, seeing the triumphs and failures of Sarah, first hand. Please inform yourselves as to who she "really is" by reading an essay written by a well respected Wasilla woman who has known Sarah for many years.

Also, please forgive her current
silence, as she is being reprogrammed as rapidly as possible by the Republican machine.

September 9, 2008 at 11:26 PM 

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