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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

R U Watching?

        Well, there it is:  History unfolding right before your very eyes or in some cases ears.  But are you glued to the proceedings involving the governor and the possible removal of the Mayor of Detroit?
        Can tell ya this, lots of reporters are watching from the New York Times to Inside Edition, which is a pulp and celebrity news program that caters to the lowest common denominator.
         It was a sight to see the governor, who decided against wearing a quasi-judicial black robe for her quasi-judicial role, sitting at the head of the room as she acts as judge and jury over the future of Kwame Kilpatrick.
C2        Last May had you asked if this would ever happen, the vast majority of the know-it-alls in this town would have shouted, "No how.  No Way."  And back then they knew it all.  She wanted no part of these doings.
         But then in late summer came the alleged shoving match involving Mr. Kilpatrick and two officers of the court.  Like a light switch flicking to the up position, the governor changed her position and accelerated the hearings, which brings us to right now.
        This is truly legacy time for the governor.  Whatever she decides will be chapter one in the book which chronicles her tenure in office.  Plagued and picked at for not being forceful in making tough decisions, if she removes the mayor, she'll take the edge off that knock.
        And the know-it-alls around these p arts, believe she will do just that…unless the mayor beats her to the punch with a legacy stopping resignation.


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