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Sunday, October 5, 2008


     It's not what you know, but whom you know.
       It was quite a feather in Gov. Jennifer Granholm's bonnet to be picked to do debate prep with perhaps the next Vice President of the United States.
       Four days last week she was holed up in a meeting room at a local hotel in Wilmington, Delaware with Joe Biden.  She didn't know Biden from Adam, so how in the world did she get the plumb and unique gig?
        Turns out Biden has a relative who did media consulting for Granholm when she was running for office.  And this person showed the Biden team some debates with Granholm in action.
        The rest as they say is history.  An aggressive debater, Granholm=2 0had a history of making political mincemeat of her male opponents.
        Regarding her sparring with Biden she notes, "I tried to throw him off.  I tried to get under his skin."  In other words she did to him what she had done to Jim Blanchard, David Bonior, and the two Dicks from West Michigan, Posthumus and DeVos.
        And it worked.
        Biden pulled off a buffo performance last Thursday against the real Sarah Palin who didn't have such a bad night herself.
        Biden was not condescending, sexist, and was always respectful.  At one point he called her Sarah and quickly self-corrected and called her Governor.
        Granholm reveals Biden was not trying to be "cute" with little zingers and he was not looking for a "gotya
 moment." She adds he was really debating John McCain.
          A real danger was Biden's propensity to be verbose but Granholm says he demonstrated great discipline by cramping just enough data into his 90-second sound bites.
          "He's a great guy," she concluded while describing her own role as being a "Palin-tologist."
           And she now has a chit that could land her a job in an Obama administration…doing more than just debate prep maybe? 


Anonymous Anonymous said...


What a great post today. Please write one every day. But what America really wants to know about Macomb is whether or not Macomb Commissioner Carey Torrice is Americas Hottest Politician per the link at D.C. Wonkette ( I thought that Gov. Palin was Americas Hottest politican.
Do you think that is hypocrisy that Macomb voters wouldnt tolerate the former Mayor Kilpatrick in their own backyard yet they overwhemlingly support Barack Obama for Prez. Whats up with that. I dont think that Prez Bush is worse that Kwame. Maybe Macomb is becoming the 'New Detroit'

October 7, 2008 at 8:50 AM 

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