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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where's Mr. Bing?

       Folks around these parts are starting to notice…both R's and D's are asking, "Where's the new Mayor of Detroit?"
       So far he's been a no-show at the state capitol.  Lawmakers notice that sort of stuff.  They're funny that way.
       Some also recall that former Mayor Ken Cockrel made it a point to visit state lawmakers shortly after he inherited the job from the former mayor…what was his name?
       Dave Bing was elected on May 5th and has actually only been in office for nine days, and his supporters would probably say, "Give the guy a break."
       Yeah, but.
       The new mayor needs help from the legislature.  Detroit's revenue sharing has been sliced; there's the Cobo Hall/auto show rhubarb going on, and for the most part, Mr. Bing is an unknown entity.
       Sure, the Detroit legislative delegation knows him, and the senate GOP leader Mike Bishop says he has talked with Mr.Bing in the past but there are other players he should probably meet.
       One member of the Detroit contingency has made four overtures to get his honor up here.  None of the overtures have gotten a response.
        Deliberate snub?
        Lack of knowledge on how to play the political game?
=0 A
        No one can confirm what the reason is, but official Lansing has noticed and the clock is ticking.
        Now the mayor will have a chance to rub elbows next week with lawmakers on Mackinac Island at the Detroit Chamber gig and perhaps no damage has been done by his lack of attention to date.
        But ya never know.  Political egos demand attention and when someone doesn't give it, it's hard to predict the consequences.


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