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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hackel No On Gov Bid?

     One sheriff down and one more to go.
     Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel is making noises that running for governor maybe ain't such a hot idea after all.  Apparently in addition to his law enforcement chores, he is also a math major and the numbers don't add up on the democratic ledger.
     Sure he is from vote rich Macomb County and anybody running for governor would love to have that as a base, and sure he has great name ID and voters like him, but his chances of wrestling the nomination from Lt. Gov. John Cherry are slim and none.
     While Hackel has spent the last six months thinking about running, the aforementioned Mr. Cherry has actually been running and rather successfully as he methodically puts his machine together.
     You could almost sense last December when the first "Hackel May Run For Gov" story popped up that it was not going to happen.
     Shortly after that he was invited and accepted an invite to do the "Off the Record" public TV series.  The agreement was sealed in one phone call as he readily said yes, but a funny thing happened on the way to the taping.
     Wasn't there, but betya by golly he convened his inner circle and somebody in there said something like, "Maybe we ought to wait a little bit." 
     The week of the show, Hackel called and backed out.  He was worried about the timing being wrong and he asked for a rain check.
     Looks as though one will not be needed as he is now telling the Associated Press, "It would be a difficult thing (and) I'm leaning toward probably not doing it."
      That takes care of the Macomb County sheriff.  Now what about the one in Oakland County?  Mike Bouchard has promised a decision about running for governor by the end of the month.
      Maybe he should give Hackel a call? 


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