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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cone of Silence

        Cone of Silence
         The usually talkative lobbyist for Right to Life of Michigan entered a cone of silence this week when asked to comment on the recent comments of a GOP candidate for governor.
        During Congressman Pete Hoekstra's appearance on Off the Record three weeks ago, he confided that he could "probably vote for a pro-choice candidate."
        RTL lobbyist Ed Rivet confirms he read those remarks but that is about all he would confirm during a humorous interview for WWJ NewsRadio 950 in Detroit.
        "What is your reaction to Hoekstra's comment?0
         There is a three second pause on the tape and Rivet finally says, "stone silence."
         Rivet is reminded that you can't put that on the radio.
         He is unphased.  "That's what you're going to get to put on the radio," he laughs.
         Obviously drilling a dry hole with regard to his reaction, the interviewer tried, "Well, were you surprised by the remarks?"
         Another four seconds of silence after which Rivet asks, "How am I doing?"  The interviewer notes that he is still getting stone silence to which Rivet chuckles and ads, "That's what you're going to get."
         Why the no comment?
         "It serves his interest and mine," Rivet concludes noting that sometimes it's best to just "move along."
          While another GOP source concludes the Hoekstra comment was "not going to help him" in a GOP primary where RTL does hold some sway, the thinking in the RTL camp is that candidates often say stuff so that they don't "look extreme" and Hoekstra's comments at this read are not a "deal breaker"  as the anti-abortion group is willing to give him the "benefit of the doubt" for now. 


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