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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Land boots first speech

             Good thing nobody saw this one.  Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land was not on her game when she delivered her first speech declaring her desire to be the next governor.
             On a scale of one to ten, it was a minus one.
             She delivered the thing at a state GOP convention during a blizzard last February.  Both the weather and the speech left everyone cold.
             Now first speeches do not a campaign make and if the Land folks were savvy, and they should be, they went to work immediately to clean up her act.
            Granted giving a public speech is a tough assignment especially if your audience is not listening and that perhaps was the most embarrassing thing about it.
            As she read the address, at one point the crowd noise was so loud that a party official literally took the microphone away from Land in mid-sentence and pleaded with the crowd to pay attention which only drew attent ion to the fact that they were not paying attention.
            If looks could kill, Land plugged Hank Fuchs right between the eyes as she said, "Thanks Hank."
            Her message, based on a review of the tape, was basically this:  I've done a great job as Secretary of State and now "I'm ready for my next step."
            Well to be charitable, being SOS is not necessarily a training ground to be governor just as being Attorney General was not one for Jennifer Granholm.
             Just because you can speed up the line at driver's license office does not qualify you to deal with 148 lawmakers in the House and Senate.
             Land did hit all the right chords about uniting the party, bringing about sweeping change and bringing Michigan back.  All very nice, very predictable, very ordinary and mucho ho-hum.
             She'll need to do better than that, and she's got time to find her voice and a message that is not leftover Obama stuff.


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