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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Andy for governor?

           Will he or won't he?  As the 2010 field for governor slowly takes form, one unanswered question centers on House Speaker Andy Dillon.  The Redford democrat is on the bubble about making a bid next year.
           Several things are clear.  He is deeply thinking about it, and lots of folks are whispering in his ear that he should do it.  But if Dillon is smart, and he is, he will not let the whispering cloud his thinking.
          While it's a nice ego stroke to have all that backroom support, just because folks tell you to run, that is not the right reason to run.  You have to have the fire in the gut to run and it's unclear if he does.
           His family has given him the green light.  In fact a former democratic member of the House says he talked to Dillon's wife years ago and she predicted he would be governor.
           If one was betting today, put some loose change on him not getting in.  But when you run that by the "whisperers' who want him in, they recall that Dillon is notorious for waiting until the last minute before making a critical decision.
           With the clock ticking, he filed for his house seat hours before the deadline and when faced with running for Speaker, he held out until the last minute before doing that, too. 
            Is there a pattern?
            Dillon getting in means a democratic primary because Lt. Gov. John Cherry is not getting out.  Usually the party likes to avoid a confrontation and Dillon is probably weighting that, too.
            So will he or won't he? 
             He says he'll call when he answers that, but don't expect the phone to run real soon.


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