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Monday, April 6, 2009

He And She Disagree

       Although he never mentioned her by name, it's clear that President Barack Obama has two areas of disagreement with Gov. Jennifer Granholm that emerged during two Detroit TV interviews last week.
       The White House offered one on one interviews with anchors at TV-2 and TV-7.  During the exchange with Stephen Clark at WXYZ-TV, Clark noted that the governor saw a double standard in the way the president was treating Wall Street and the auto sector.
       Obama responded, "That's not a correct assessment."  He went onto to explain that on his watch there is a new head of AIG.  He also noted the leadership change at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
       On several occasions the governor has noted the double standard and again lsst week she observed that while the president was demanding more concessions from autoworkers, she felt those on Wall Street needed to take concessions as well.  She called it "tough love."
       During the one on one exchange between the president and TV-2 anchor Murray Feldman, he asked about the bankruptcy option for GM and or Chrysler.
       Recall the governor has said, "We should reject that and I hope they (White House) rejects it, too."
       Obama told Feldman he did not favor a "liquidation bankruptcy" where parts of the autos were sold off, however he said if the two automakers could not find a solution within 30 days at Chrysler and 60 at GM then you might have to "find some legal tools" to reduce the debt burden in the industry.
      In stories in the Wall Street Journal and the Bloomberg publication there's speculation about a "structured bankruptcy" that would be quicker than the usual Chapter 11 route, but the president did not use that term in his TV interview.
     The president promised in both exchanges that he would revisit Michigan noting that, "I have faith in auto workers" and "I'm thinking about them everyday…We'll be back." 


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