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Monday, March 30, 2009

Izzo And Team Help Out

     Maybe they ought to appoint Tom Izzo  the new CEO of General Motors.  After all, there is an opening and after next weekend, Izzo will have nothing else to do after he delivers the national championship to his beloved Michigan State University.
     Izzo and his team of self-described "blue collar" B-ball players have done something that nobody else in this state has done for sometime i.e. give us something to smile about. Dare we say hope is alive?
     Rick Wagoner never produced hope or smiles . Even though well intentioned, he never got GM back on the road and eventually he fell on the sword after being pushed by President Barack Obama.  The symbolism of Wagoner being a loser was unfair, but who said life was fair.
     Izzo is a winner.  He fought all the odds, without a federal bailout, and now finds himself in the Final Four in Motown next weekend. 
     It is an uplifting saga that appears at just the right time proving that the impossible can be overcome.  Are you listening Michigan's economy.
     The Spartans could never beat the overpowering Louisville squad the sports know-it-alls predicted.  The Cardinals racked up 103 points in their previous game and MSU was lower than an underdog.  But when they cut the strings on the net, there was Izzo, scissors in hand, making the last slice with a big smile on his that the entire state shared.
     Ever since they announced that the Final Four would be in Detroit, Izzo and his team have been on a mission to make it to Motown.   While most of his interviews have centered on the X and O's of each game, every once in awhile you heard Izzo talk about other personal feelings as he came close to tears.
     He's noted that this state has been through a late lately and he and the team wanted to do something about that.  And they have.
     Thanks and Go Green.


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