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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gov Plays Monte Hall

   You can always tell when the governor doesn't want to talk in a news conference. The normally verbose governor gives you a one-word answer.
    Do you support linking a graduated income tax to repeal of the surcharge tax on business?
    "Yes" as she fore lonely looks out into the capitol press corps for any question on a different topic.
     Well ya can't fool the scribes In this town. They stay on the subject.
     For forty years, Michigan democrats have lusted for a graduated income tax but at every turn republicans have said forget it.
     Now comes this governor hoping to play Monte Hall and make a deal with the R's.  They have been gr umbling for months about the 22% business surcharge tax. So the gov's offer:  Give me the new income tax and I'll kill the business tax.
     But she's made them an offer they apparently can refuse.
     "It's nuts," suggests Rich Studley, the CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. 
     The senate GOP leader chimes in.
     "It's absurd.  It's ridiculous. It's DOA…dead on arrival," intoned Oakland County's Mike Bishop.
      Oh yeah, he also thinks it would set off class warfare between the rich and poor. You see under a graduated tax system, those who earn more, pay more.  Bishop counters, "That's already the case."
      The governor believes it's a fairer tax based on ability to pay and since most democrats are not wealthy…well you can see why she's on board.
      Anyway the governor has opened up this can of worms and watch the editorial writers have a field day with her.  Give her credit in that she is standing up for what she believes is right…just don't tell that to Bishop and his sidekick Mr. Studley who feel she is dead wrong.


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