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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Gonna Happen

    Ladies, ladies, get a grip.
    Rep. Shanelle Jackson and Rep. Rashida Tlaib get an "A" for effort but they just flunked legislature 101.  Go to your room.
    Th dynamic duo, in a flash of spring fever and Pollyanna optimism, have actually introduced a bill to salvage the Cobo Hall expansion project now mired in a nasty court fight between the Mayor of Detroit and that citadel of political wisdom, the Detroit City Council.
    Read everyone's lips up here:  State lawmakers are in no mood to revisit this issue.  Period. Punto. End of story.
    "No way in hell," Oakland County executive Brooks Patterson puts a point on it for the Detroit News.
     Gov. Jennifer Granholm says basically the same thing without the "hell" as does the Democratic Speaker of the Michigan House Andy Dillon. To round out the consensus, Senate GOP Leader Mike Bishop of Oakland County is not on board either.
     Neither the votes, nor the will are there to do it.
     When it comes to the legislature helping Detroit you usually only get one bite of the apple, if you get any bite at all.  The outstate anti-Detroit attitude is palatable which makes it even more amazing the leadership and enough lawmakers did approve a bill to expand Cobo in the first place.
     Now madams Jackson and Rashida are silly enough to think their proposal "can serve as a catalyst to move the discussion forward" if this issue returns to Lansing.
     As the elder President Bush was fond of saying, "Not gonna happen."


Blogger Jim15032 said...

Anti-Detroit feeling palatable?

Did you mean "palpable" or do you mean to say the feeling is tasty?

What has happened to Detroit is sad, but until the electorate rises to remove the fools, they will get what they ask for.

April 1, 2009 at 11:18 AM 

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