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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sittin' On The Fence

    The pizza baron and the congresswoman appear in no hurry to jump into the next race for governor.  In fact David Brandon and Candice Miller remain comfortably seated on the political fence
     Even since she left the Secretary of State's office, Ms. Miller's
name has appeared on everyone's list as possible governor material.  She has done little to discourage it.
     In an attempt to smoke her out, a call was made the other day informing the Miller camp that a story was going to be written taking her out of the contest, even though she's not said that.
    "Don't do it," came the quick response from a source who knows what Miller is doing.  "She has not made up her mind," came the explanation.
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      Miller has a comfy seat in the U.S. Congress and unless she does something really dumb, such as  voting for a tax hike, she can have the Macomb County job for life.
      It's a good guess that Miller is watching the rest of the field take shape and depending on who stays in or gets out, then she can decide. But the longer she waits, the further down on the speculation list her name will go.
       Brandon, late last year, promised he would have a decision by the end of January of this year.  January came and went; so did February and now in early March, Brandon says he still doesn't know what he will do.
       His pizza company is suffering and popular wisdom has him more concerned with that than running for governor. In this corner, it looks like Brandon will do what he has always done i.e. flirt with it and then decide to scrub it.
       Ditto for Ms. Miller.


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