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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All Hands On Deck

     The ship of state in Michigan is on the rocks.  It is taking on water as the unemployment rate steadily climbs toward 12 percent and the captain on the bridge sees a $1.4 billion iceberg straight ahead.
      So where is the Michigan senate this week?
      Down on the poop deck playing euchre.
      In the midst of the worse recession since the 1980's, the republicans, who run the senate, and their democratic colleagues are on break.
      On what?
      Yep on vacation.
      Maybe it's because t hey broke their backs on all these problems during January and they needed a breather.
      If that was true, you could cut the 38 senators a little slack, but as noted in this space before, there was no back breaking last month because no one lifted a thing.  January was a waste.
      Now comes yet another hiatus with this lame excuse:  Senators are taking the week off to talk with local officials about how to spend the billions of dollars flowing into state coffers thanks to Barack Obama and company who are working this week as is the Michigan House controlled by democrats.
      Nice try, but it doesn't wash.
      The decision to scrub the senate session this week was made last October when senators were polled to find out what week in February they wanted off.  There was no hint of a federal stimulus package last October and certainly no indication that it would be up for review this week.
      Nope.  It's just another example of legislative indifference, arrogance, stupidity, and knuckle-headedness, pick your adjective.
      It should be all hands on deck with no time to "go it alone" in that euchre game down below.


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