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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bishop For A.G.?

      Does Oakland County's favorite son really have a shot at being the next state attorney general?  We're about to find out.
      If you are just recovering from the 2008 election cycle, you are not eager to play the 2010 election but the folks running for this and that, are.
      Take the senate GOP leader Mike Bishop. With the formation of an exploratory committee Bishop puts his toe, maybe two toes, in the A.G. water.
      Already immersed in that H2O is Bill Schuette who has run for just about everything on the GOP side and now after a stint on the state appeals court, he is now firmly running for A.G.
     Mike Bishop on the other hand has never dived into statewide politics.  He thought about running for governor and for20Congress but extricated himself from both. He flirts with the A.G. contest but enters as an underdog to Schuette who still has a pretty good grassroots operation.  Bishop has none.
     But he has a shot anyway.  The A.G. nomination is secured at a party convention in August of 2010, so there is plenty of time to get his name out there and raise the money to prove he can raise the money.
     Already the Schuette folks have taken notice and in a snarly response to the Bishop committee, a source reminds everyone that Bishop permitted a vote in the senate to raise the income tax.
     Now mind you, the income tax has nothing to do with being Attorney General, but in an ultra conservative GOP state convention, delegates may not cotton to a guy who opened the door for that to happen.
     At least that's what the Schuette folks are hoping which is why they played that card even before Bishop gets his tanned bod into the pool.


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