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Monday, February 9, 2009

A Star Is Born?

      If you've watched the TV broadcast Off the Record, over the years upwards of 1700 politicians have paraded across the screen.  Very few light up that screen, but that was not the case last week.
       He's 26 years old making him the youngest guy in the Michigan House. He's an African-American-Harvard educated Republican from Genesee County…you read that right, Republican. 
       Rep. Paul Scott has a future in this game as he gave a buffo performance.
       He answered all the questions, which is not the norm.  He showed the poise of a seasoned veteran.  He joked with the panel and call all the capitol correspondents by their first names, even though he just met them.  And when the heat was turned on, he buttoned up his asbestos sui t.
       Take the abortion issue. Scott is decidedly pro-life which makes the anti abortion lobby applaud.  But it won't be applauding at what he said.
       "If a candidate was pro-choice and sought your endorsement, would you do it?
        A died in the wool pro-lifer would have said no with a capitol "N."
        Scott said instead, it was not a deal breaker and he would consider the endorsement if the candidate aligned with him on a majority of issues.
        Most politicians live and die by the pride of authorship thing i.e. you have to introduce a bill with your name on it, pass it, and then boast to the folks back home.
        The crafty Scott was first in line to sponsor the total smoking ban in public places that went up in smoke last year.  But he'll let the democrats take the bill away from him as long as it passes.
         Even the Michigan Education Association, with its pro-democratic predilections, endorsed Scott even though he is for vouchers and charter schools which the teacher's union detests.
        What planet does this guy come from?
        To see his performance go to and hit the Off the Record icon.  You're in for a rare treat.


Anonymous Jack Beckman said...

Please give us a link. I went to the disaster that is the web site and haven't a *clue* as to how to find "Off The Record". That's one of the most annoying web pages I've ever seen!

February 9, 2009 at 5:26 AM 

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