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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How 'Bout Some Good News For A Change

      Any practicing journalist would likely be shot at the stake for offering such a suggestion.  But betya by golly, most common folk would give it a standing ovation.
      Try this on for size.  How about one week of ignoring all the bad economic news and filling the front page headlines with something positive…anything positive.
       Frankly folks right about now would much rather read:  "Eight Kids Born in California" instead of "10,000 Auto Workers Laid Off."
       The steady drip drip drip of bad economic news must be having a profound impact on the public psyche.
       For example, in the midst of the meltdown of the auto industry, consumers refused to buy this car or that for fear in20three months, nobody would be around to service the darn thing.
       Of course the media cannot deny reality, but does it have to select the lousy economy as the lead story day in and day out?  Bury some of that  on the obit page or even better yet on the editorial page.  Nobody reads that stuff.  (With apologies to editorial writers.)
       Such a "good news" policy would be a total dereliction of everything they teach in journalism school.  Everyone knows that if it bleeds, it leads and Michigan's economy has been hemorrhaging going on seven years.
       But if the media can't ignore the bad news for one week, how 'bout one day as a compromise?
       Come on.  What harm could it do?=2 0The state is mired in one of the worse winters in recent memory.  It's probably snowing again right now.  The trip to Florida is no longer an option for most folks and there is no ray of hope within sight.
       Heck the media gets accused of slanting the news everyday, so why not prove the critics right with one day of good news and good news only.
       And you thought the papers were thin now. Wait til that edition comes out.


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