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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Credit Where Credit Is Due

   Every Michigan governor from time to time has griped, "Why don't you guys write about all the good news?"
   Silly governors. They'd make lousy political reporters who thrive on all the bad news you can muster.
   Nonetheless if you isolated what this governor has done the last month or so, you would be tempted to concluded two things:  (1) Michigan is enjoying an economic renaissance and (2) Gov. Jennifer Granholm's economic policies are working.
    Unfortunately for her only item two is correct.  While we have seen in the last month a number of significant and revolutionary job victories, the announcements are in the contest of seven years of a lousy economy stuck in reverse.
     The piddly couple thousands of jobs coming in don't offset the 113,000 j obs we lost last year.
     But this governor would boast it is a start and frankly she's right.
     The list is impressive: GM will build the new electric Volt car in Flint and create a new battery factory in the state to boot.  Another battery firm is moving here. Michigan State University just beat Illinois, home of the new president elect, to build a new superconductor atom something or other in East Lansing.  And while the Spartans are at it, IBM just announced another 1500 Internet jobs for the campus as well.  Down the road, the U of M is holding its own with automotive R and D wins, too.
    Not bad for a state thought by the rest of the universe to be one breath away from extinction.
    "Our policies are working," the governor boasted in remarks basically ignored by the MSM earlier this week.
     Now if the national recession would just get out here, she might receive a little more positive ink.


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