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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who'd Want This Job?

      Wanted:  Someone to work in a state with an economy in the tank and little hope of a quick recovery.  Must be able to convince others to create jobs here and you get two years job security yourself. Chance to work with optimistic governor. Sign- up now.
      Get real. Who in his or her right mind would want apply?
      Nonetheless the governor is hunting for somebody to run the Michigan Economic Development Corporation because the current CEO is getting out whlle the getting is good.
      You can't blame Jimmy Epolito for bailing out even though he admits he is "pretty conflicted" by his decision which he made before Christmas.
      On one hand there are some faint signs that the Granholm recovery strategy may be moving off of life support, but on the other he got, as they say in the Godfather, an offer he couldn't refuse.
      As president of Delta Dental, Epolito could more than double his state salary. Plus he took a $400,000 hit when he left the private sector for the MEDC gig in 2005.  At some point your desire for public service can fade.
      "It's a once in a generation opportunity," the governor suggests as she announced an immediate search for a replacement.
       But the job description outlined above, means the really talented applicants may take a pass. That means the job czar job may be filled with some second tier also-ran.
       "This is a challenge," the governor admits but refuses to concede she'll have trouble filling it.
     0   If you were dragging down a high-six figure paycheck, would you answer the governor's plea for public service and the assurance you'd only have the job until she left office?
        Unless you're a relative of the gov, you know the answer to that.


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