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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lewand: Who's On First?

  What a way to end the old year and begin the new one by getting a blog all-wrong.  Here's hoping you never saw it.
   But if you did, please accept this apology.
   Come to find out the Tom Lewand who runs the Detroit Lions is not the same Tom Lewand who tried his hand at running the executive office for former Gov. Jim Blanchard.
    What a shocker…especially to the composer of that blog.
    Turns out F. Tom Lewand is the old man and his offspring, Tom J. Lewand is the guy fumbling around with the so-called football team.
    Somewhere along the line that important fact never got into the blog.  That's what you get when you wander f rom your political comfort zone into sports.
    Anyway, the parallel between the two still holds.
    F. Tom did have a tough assignment being the first Chief of Staff for Blanchard as the new governor took over from former Gov. Bill Milliken.  His heart was in the right place, but Lewand just couldn't get the job done.
    Like father, like son.
    Now with eight years under his belt in the Lion's den, son Tom has not exactly compiled a compelling record on the gridiron, but his boss, William Clay Ford, still has confidence he can turn it around.
    If the pundits on the sports pages are right, Ford should have done what Blanchard did to the father and shown the younger Lewand the door.
    Now that we have the Lewand story corrected, we begin 2009 hoping for no more prat falls in this space.


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